Universe Sponsorship Level Includes:

Grand Total $25,000 $19,500 until 1/31/16


Galaxy Sponsorship Level Includes:

Grand Total $17,000 $12,500 until 1/31/16


Planet Sponsorship Level Includes:

Grand Total $10,500 $7,500 until 1/31/16


Additional IBIS 2016 Sponsorship Opportunities

The following sponsorship opportunities can be added to one of our Planet/Universe/Galaxy Sponsorship packages OR they can be used as stand-alone offerings without one of the three main sponsorship packages being required.


IBIS Five Star Lunch Buffet Promotion (3 available)

Promote your company and your solutions  by  sponsoring one of the IBIS Main Conference 5 Star Lunches. All attendees participate and you can highlight your organization with lunch time table centerpieces and buffet table branding. This sponsorship also welcomes promotional material from your organization to be displayed on all of the lunch time tables (marketing material, signage, or flyers). The promotional material for table tops will be provided by the sponsor.

Special Price : $5,000


Private Lunch Room Gathering for Presentation & Discussion (3 available)

 Host an intimate lunch in one of the Park Hyatt Aviara’s conference rooms. The space is limited to 15 attendees that will pre-register for this offering in advance. The lunch time gathering will be dedicated to showcase your solution through demonstration and discussion. Attendees will be provided lunch from the registration area lunch time buffet. A give-a-way incentive is required to participate in this offering in order to incentivize attendees to register.

Special Price : $2,000


IBIS Welcome Reception Co-Sponsorship (1 available)

The Sunday night welcome reception at IBIS is a great venue for both socializing with attendees and promoting your presence at IBIS. This 2 to 3 hour event with an Open Bar and Hors D’oeuvres provides the perfect opportunity to promote your organization right at the beginning of IBIS . The sponsorship includes a table for you to demonstrate your solutions exclusively, your banners and signage displayed prominently around the event area and  any promotional items you would like to hand out. The promotional material , signage and banners will be provided by the sponsor.

Special Price : $5,000


Promotional Flyer Room Delivery  (3 available)

One way to get attendee’s attention first thing in the morning is for your promotional flyer to be the first thing they see before heading down for breakfast. This sponsorship includes under the door delivery of your flyer to the rooms of all attendees before the break of dawn. The promotional material for delivery will be provided by the sponsor.

Special Price : $2,000


Exclusive Demo Area and Meeting Room (1 available)

This special sponsorship package provides you with a dedicated meeting room in the conference area to meet with customers, show demonstrations, set up test-drives of your solutions or any other use. The room will be set up to accommodate at least 20 people comfortably and will be available from 10 am to 6 pm.

Special Price : $5,000 per day