Main Conference Hands-On training

Check out the hands-on boot camps that will be available at IBIS 2017!

Web Intelligence Wonder Woman Boot Camp

Day 1

• What’s the latest with Web Intelligence?

• Exploring Web Intelligence Formulas

• Formatting Tips and Tricks with Web Intelligence 4.2


Day 2

• Making an impact with Web Intelligence 4.2 Charts


• Drilling and Linking with Web Intelligence 4.2

• Designing Dashboards with Web Intelligence 4.2

Day 3

• Mobile Magic with Web Intelligence

• Complex Query features with Web Intelligence 4.2

• Advanced Reporting Techniques

IDT Iron Man Boot Camp

Day 1

• Compare and Convert UNV to UNX universes

• Creating Connections and Data Foundations

• Creating Business Layers

Day 2

• List of Values, Universe Prompts, Cascading & Otherwise

• Resolving Chasm Traps, Fan Traps & Using Outer joins

• Everything you need to know about IDT – A Review

Day 3

• Data and Universe Security

• Working with Multiple IDT Developers – Project Synchronization

• Connecting OLAP and other data sources with IDT

X-Men Dashboard and Data Visualization Boot Camp

Day 1

• Information Design workshop – Sourcing data and using the right chart for the job

• Consistency is Key -Design Guides and Company Design Languages

• Bringing your dashboard to life- Taking your model live with connected data, (Query Browser vs BIWS vs XDC vs CSV connector)

Day 2

• Dynamic Visibility and the power of the Canvas – Building a navigation template for your dashboards

• Working with data – Best practice and options for moving data around your dashboard

• Are you a dashboard superhero? – Put your powers to the test with this data visualization challenge

Day 3

• Take it everywhere – Up, Up and Away! – Taking your dashboard mobile with and without SAP BI Mobile

• More than meets the eye – Using tips and tricks to build unique visualizations and infographics

• With great power comes great responsibility – Xcelsius best practices and dashboard testing techniques