BusinessObjects Administration & Universes Design Track Sessions

Upgrading to BI 4.2 SP04 at Mobile Mini – A Case Study – Alejandro Yammoto

Every BusinessObjects environment is unique and Mobile Mini, the world’s leading provider of portable storage solutions, is no exception. Using BusinessObjects against both a SQL Server Data Warehouse and a HANA running SAP ECC, there was much to take into consideration when upgrading from 4.1 SP07 to BI 4.2 SP04 Patch 4. It was not a smooth update at the beginning but it all ended well. In this session we will share what problems we experienced and the process to finally accomplish the upgrade on time

BI 4.1 to 4.2 Upgrade Case Study – The 4 P’s – Tammy Datri

In this session, you will learn about the process Practical Administration Solutions took to upgrade their BusinessObjects environment from BI 4.1 to BI 4.2. This session outlines the steps taken, tools used and decisions made along the way. Learn about the challenges we faced as well as some tips, tricks and best practices to use to make your upgrade go smoother.

The 4 P’s approach:

  • Plan the upgrade and all affected resources
  • Prepare for the upgrade prior to updating the software
  • Practice executing the upgrade in a test environment
  • Post Upgrade tasks

Managing your SAP-BI Infrastructure Using Agile Processes – Jean-Phillipe Golay

WIP (Work In Progress) augments your SAP BI environments with DevOps agile lifecycle management of all your SAP BI Analytics assets. WIP integrates with your SAP BI Analytic CMS folders and files ensuring all your server assets are managed through a secure central source and quality control solution. WIP provides a change lifecycle management solution that supports all changes requested as implemented across your SAP BI CMS.

The WIP integration with your SAP BI CMS server enables you to browse your BusinessObjects environments and add files and content to your WIP repository. WIP manages all central file related metadata ensuring that files, universes, connection and so forth are changed as the files are published between environments. Checking out files deploys them into your defined shared folder or the BusinessObjects Platform.

IDT and UDT Universes will open in the desktop application, Webi documents can be edited in Rich Client or in the Web Portal. Lumira, Design Studio, Crystal Reports and Dashboards will open on your desktop. WIP provides admin users with a central interface to manage the total SAP BI lifecycle management solution from user requirements to quality controlled published files.

How Presbyterian Healthcare Service Accelerated Regression Testing when Migrating to BI 4.2 – Bruce Alexander

Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) recently migrated from BO XI 3.1 to BI 4.2 and needed to test around 2,000 Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports as part of the exercise. Not only was this a daunting task but the users at PHS had no bandwidth to participate in the regression or functional testing

Learn how PHS set up a process using the 360Bind tool to dramatically speed up the regression testing through electronic comparison of reports. Additionally, PHS was able to reuse the scripts created for 360Bind to help in performing Stress Testing of their new BI4 infrastructure and how the stress testing provided insight into system behavior and validated the system’s ability to support 1,300+ users.

Accelerating the regression testing at PHS played a critical role in significantly reducing the amount of human capital and time required to manage a complex migration while reducing business exposure to unexpected reporting results and installing confidence in the user community and the management team.

Overcoming the fear of legacy BusinessObjects Security – Rene Brito

Synopsis: BusinessObjects has been the main reporting platform for many companies around the world. Yet, security has been one of the topics that has presented challenges throughout. This session will present a business case study where a legacy security model was converted from a non-best-practices implementation to a role-based growth-proof one. The presentation will include a real business case at Interval International from diagnostic to current state. Moreover, it will demonstrate how 360View and Business Objects CMC can streamline the process as well as best practices for implementing security.

Items covered include BO CMC users, groups, custom access levels, content, and applications. 360View usage, security management, and audit.

Universe Design Do’s & Dont’s – Jean-Francios Cayron

Whether designing for skilled IT developers or casual users, proper universe design is essential to adoption and successful deployment.

This presentation takes an anecdotal approach to describe best practices in Relational Universe design and provides a collection of tips and tricks and design guidelines Applies similarly to UNV and UNX formats.

Are You Afraid to Try Updating Tired Old Universes? It’s a Snap – Really! – Mona Fox

Many organizations have universes that have not been updated in years or even decades! This session discusses what we found at our company, Perry Ellis, and what we learned in the process of updating them.

After doing an assessment and integrity check on a universe we found tables that have lost their names, tables that have new columns, outdated joins, objects that are broken etc.

We had to determine how much work needed to be done or whether it was better to rebuild as well as decide to convert it to UNX or leave it as a UNV. We will share our experiences and lessons learned that may help you with your universes.

Why should I move to an IDT Universe? – Rajesh Ponnurangam

The Information Design Tools or IDT is a new semantic layer modeling tool from SAP. But the Universe Design Tool or UDT is still being supported and delivered as part of BI Client tools. What are the advantages of using IDT versus UDT? What are the new features and benefits in creating an IDT UNX Universe? What do I do with my old UNV universes? This session will address all of the above questions. The steps to create an IDT universe and its differences from UDT will be demonstrated.

BusinessObjects BI 4.2 – 45 features in 45 Minutes – Rajesh Ponnurangam

Get to know the detail level product overview of what is new in BI 4.2 and the reasons to upgrade your current BI systems to version 4.2. This session covers 45 latest features in BI 4.2 which will be helpful for your entire organization, including, but not limited to, BO Administrators, Universe Designers, Report Developers and Business users. If we have time, we will aim for 60!

BusinessObjects Security Made Easy – Jean-Francios Cayron

Many companies struggle with managing rights and access in their Business Objects deployments, especially when changes occur in the business structure.

This presentation will offer a structured approach to building a system that will withstand organizational changes and personnel turnover and show you how to build a sustainable structure for your BusinessObjects ecosystem.

The Data Services Playbook – Tyler Kiotka

Having the right play for the right situation is the name of the game. Especially when you have a superstar tool like Data Services at your disposal. With the vast amount of information around today, how-to’s, blogs, video tutorials, one can easily get lost. Having a concise playbook at your fingertips is what this session is all about. We’ll help guide you through some of the do’s and don’ts when using this tool.

Round Table Discussion on BO Admin Tips and Tricks – Minith Patel

Join us for an open discussion and knowledge exchange on BusinessObjects administration tips and tricks. This will be an opportunity to both to ask questions and share your own experiences and challenges about performing various BO administration tasks. The session will be championed by BO Admin Guru Minith Patel who will share some of his own special tips and tricks and lead the discussion

12 Best Practices for using Promotion Manager – Amy O’Neel

Promotion Manager is all grown up. In this presentation we will look at the 12 best practices when using Promotion Manager to move content from one environment to another. This session will also explore Version Mangement, Overrides, and Command Line use as well as the new Promotion Manager GUI in BusinessObjects 4.2 SP5.

Universe Design Creationism – Michael Ward

This presentation provides an entertaining look at best practices for universe design development and maintenance, addressing both UDT and IDT tools. Join Michael Ward as he will discuss many of the best practices for building universes. This session will also demonstrate features like Index Awareness, and Aggregate Awareness while providing real insight into the new IDT tool, and the great number of new features it brings to universe designers.

This session will also compare the pros and cons of the UDT and IDT tools as well discuss universe conversions, multi sourcing for universes, and most importantly… what to watch out for in design creationism.

BusinessObjects Security Lessons from the Trenches – Amy O’Neel

Join Amy O’Neel, BusinessObjects Administrative expert, as she presents security lessons from down in the trenches of BusinessObjects Administration. A session that will host a great opportunity to dive into many of the subtleties of BO Security. You will go through topics such as inheritance, explicit settings, setting on object only and not objects within, and more. This administrative session will also explore application rights versus folder rights, hiding functionality with customization, auditing security and the Information Design Tool security detail. Down in the trenches we explore a barrage of security issues that arise. It will compile this year’s best!