BusinessObjects Certification – Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer all of the Frequently Asked Questions around the Certification Program at IBIS below:

Which BusinessObjects Certifications are available at IBIS?

IBIS offers InfoSol BusinessObjects Certifications for the following products: 

  • BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • BusinessObjects IDT (Information Design Tool)
  • BusinessObjects Administration
  • BusinessObjects Data Services

For those passionate about InfoBurst, we did not forget about you:

  • InfoBurst
  • InfoBurst Administration

And now, introducing a new certification coming this year at IBIS!

  • Dashboard Design

How much does the certification cost?

The cost for certification is included in your IBIS registration. 

How would I know if I passed my test?

Your score will show on the PC at the end of the test and will need to be validated by the exam proctor who will sign your log.

What is the minimum score I need to pass the test?

To pass you will need a score of at least 75%.

How will I know if I completed the hours required?

We’ll notify you via email, IBIS App notification, or text, during the conference. You are also welcomed to use the printable form to keep track for your own records.

Can I get my Certification if I have no previous experience in using the tools?

Highly unlikely. Most people who pass will have at least one to two years’ experience using the tool.

What are the requirements to obtain my BusinessObjects certification?

Attend 12+ hours of IBIS hands-on sessions, seminar track sessions or pre/post IBIS training courses specific to your topic and pass a 30-minute exam. If you attended a previous IBIS and did not pass your test, we can roll over those hours.

Are books, notes or use of internet allowed during the test?

No books, notes or internet access allowed. We also ask that you turn off cell phones during the exam.

Can I register for a BusinessObjects Certified Expert at the conference?

Yes, stop by the registration desk and there will be pc’s available for you to register there.

When does registration closes?

Registration to the Certification Program ends on Tuesday June 18th at 12:00PM

Where can I schedule my test/exam?

Schedule your test at the IBIS registration desk.

Is there a test/exam schedule?

Yes. The testing times are 30min. duration and run as follow:  

  • Starts on Tuesday June 18th at 12:30PM – 5:20PM  
  • Wednesday June 19th starting at 9:30AM – 5:20PM  
  • Thursday June 20th starting at 9:30AM – 11:30AM 

Where will testing take place?

Pelican Meeting Room is in the main Lobby Level, just around the corner from the Registration desk.

Will I receive supporting materials to keep track of my hours?

Yes. When you arrive to check in at the conference, you’ll receive a Certification Welcome Packet that includes the program with all relevant details. You can also request a printed Attendance Log so that you can keep track of your hours.

I use InfoBurst, is there a certification option available for this product?

Yes, InfoBurst certifications are available as part of the following courses offered at IBIS:

InfoBurst Certified Expert for Administration – Pre-Seminar Offering (June 16)

InfoBurst Certified Expert – Post-Seminar Offering (June 20-21)

What are the requirements to obtain an InfoBurst Certification?

Attend a Pre or Post Conference Training course offered and pass a 30-minute exam included at the end of the class. 

Are there any BusinessObjects certifications available on the Post Conference?

BusinessObjects Data Services is only available to the Post conference attendees. In addition to that, the BusinessObjects Administration is offered to the Post Conference attendees and the test will take place on Friday June 21, at the end of both workshops.

Are there any other certifications available at IBIS?

We are offering a unique IBIS Business Intelligence certification which you can receive by attending 15+ hours of IBIS Sessions and receive the IBIS Business Intelligence certification – Exam not required. All hours count towards this certification.

What will I receive upon successful completion of my certification?

Upon successful completion of the certification you will receive the following as part of your completion package 

  • Certificate 
  • Special memento 
  • Instructions on how to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile 
  • Digital badge via email. 

Where can I pick up my completion package?

At the Registration Desk. You will also receive a digital copy of your certificate of completion via email. 

Do the certificates expire?

Yes. We do require you to retake the exam after three years if you would like to keep your certificate active, in order to ensure you are still an expert and up to date in that specific tool.

Will this information be available in the IBIS App?

Yes, all these details will be available in the mobile app for you to use as reference. You can also stop by the registration desk if you have any questions. We are always happy to assist 😊