BusinessObjects Certification

Get BusinessObjects Certified and Get Recognized by Your Community and Peers

At IBIS you can become BusinessObjects Certified.

IBIS not only offers the best BusinessObjects training, but now you can get certified in a variety of different BusinessObjects disciplines and be recognized for your expertise.

Got any questions? View the Certification FAQ

IBIS will offer the InfoSol BusinessObjects Certification for the following products:

  • BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • BusinessObjects IDT (Information Design Tool)
  • BusinessObjects Administration
  • BusinessObjects Data Services

For those passionate about InfoBurst, we did not forget about you.  As always, IBIS provides you the chance to become an InfoBurst Certified Expert when you participate in the InfoBurst Experience during the Pre or Post Conference.

  • InfoBurst
  • InfoBurst Administration

I’m interested! How do I get certified?

  1. You must first register for the certification of your choice! *Please note that you are only able to take two certification tests while attending the IBIS Main Conference and you must have 12 hours of training completed. If you attended a previous IBIS and did not pass your test, we can roll over those hours.
  2. If this is your first-time attending IBIS, please make sure you accumulate 12 hours of training! The training does not have to be specific to the certification you are taking.
  3. After accumulating the 12 hours of training, you are now ready to schedule you test! Head over to the IBIS Front Desk to schedule.

Upon successful completion of the certification you will receive a certificate along with digital badges that you can use on your signature, resume and social media profiles. You will also be included in the InfoSol registry of certified experts and receive a special recognition memento.

The cost for certification is included in your IBIS admission!

To sign up for these certification programs, register via the form below and we will provide a certification package for you at the IBIS registration desk when you check-in for the conference.

IBIS BO Certification Registration is not currently open. Please check back later.