IBIS 2016 Keynotes


Let’s Speak BO – The Force Reawakens

BusinessObjects has dominated the Business Intelligence landscape for more than two decades and remains the most popular BI suite in use today. While there has been much hype about alternative solutions replacing it, a remarkable resurgence in its usage by both existing and new organizations has occurred instead. The BusinessObjects force has reawakened!
InfoSol CEO, Paul J. Grill, will share his unique insights and entertaining stories on what has been happening in the SAP BusinessObjects universe in the last year , and how the Force is being harnessed for the greater good…. the saga continues!

The InfoSol 2016 BI Dashboard Awards

Business Intelligence Dashboards still dominate the BI landscape and the creativity, ingenuity and effectiveness of their usage in organizations have no bounds.
The InfoSol Dashboard Awards provide an opportunity for any organization to showcase their really interesting, cool, compelling or effective Business Intelligence dashboard application or solution that is being used for business benefit today.
The winners of the 2016 Awards for Best Business Dashboard, Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard and Most Valuable Dashboard will be announced and interviewed live on stage to explain how their solution came about and the difference it has made to their organization.


The Social Enterprise Keynote by Yolande

Title: Learn something about social enterprise, you will. Yes, hmmm.

Social Enterprise is no longer something that is a separate type of enterprise. Every enterprise (large and small) is finding the need to develop this agenda to ensure longevity and sustainability. Predictions state that businesses that lack this intelligence will become irrelevant in as little as 5 years. So what separates the different models and how can we all get started to ensure a bright future and a healthy bottom line?

The XI Prize

At IBIS 2015, Yolande Grill, COO and Chief Transformation Officer of InfoSol, announced an exciting new initiative and challenge to everyone to create a Business Intelligence solution that would make a positive impact and difference in the world. This initiative is called the XI Prize and InfoSol would donate software and provide BI expertise to help get these solutions started.
One year later, we want to share the status of 4 different BI solutions that have started as a result of this initiative and invite representatives from the organizations who will benefit from them to talk about their significance and potential impact.


The Future of Business Intelligence Panel Discussion

Paul Grill, CEO of InfoSol, will interview a panel of seasoned BI professionals and experts on their thoughts about the current state of Business Intelligence and what they see as its future direction over the coming years. Attendees may submit questions in advance by emailing ibis@infosol.com or live during the session.

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