IBIS 2019 Keynotes

Paul Grill InfoSol CEO - IBIS BusinessObjects Conference

What Does Flying Look Like?

Paul Grill, CEO InfoSol Inc

As Business Intelligence harnesses new technologies and delivers innovative capabilities, organizations are experiencing limitless possibilities. Today, many organizations still struggle to figure out how to make the transformation from the very hungry caterpillar into the beautiful airborne butterfly to achieve the full potential BI offers.

Paul Grill, InfoSol CEO and Business Intelligence guru, shares the insights and stories on the amazing BI transformations he has experienced in the past 12 months and what flying looks like for these organizations. Paul shares his expertise on the current and future outlook of the BusinessObjects world and how the community and organizations continue to evolve and thrive beyond expectations.
Inspired by Trina Paulus’s quote, Paul asks you: “How does one become a butterfly?…” Join Paul to find out.

Monday, June 17th at 8:00 am

The InfoSol 2019 BI Dashboard Awards

Dashboard Awards Finalist

Dashboards continue to dominate the Business Intelligence landscape. Organizations continuously adapt their dynamic dashboards based on new insights and learnings they obtain from BI.

InfoSol’s dashboard award winners inspires organizations by showcasing the limitless possibilities of business intelligence dashboards.

The winners of the 2019 Awards for Best Business Dashboard, Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard and Most Valuable Dashboard will be announced and interviewed live on stage. The audience will learn direct from the winner how their dashboard originated, their journey, and the impact their BI dashboard has had on their organization.

Monday, June 17th at 8:45 am

Creative Trespassing: How to Find Inspiration Where Others See Only Limitations

Tania Katan, CEO of Creative Trespassing

We all have limiting beliefs, especially when it comes to sharing our more creative skills within the workplace: I can’t share my ideas, I’ll look stupid. How do I discover data and derive insights, when I have no buy-in from my boss/team/company? How do I ‘fly’ when my professional responsibilities have clipped my wings?! Good news: Limiting beliefs are not genetic, they’re learned and we can unlearn them. In this interactive talk, Tania Katan, author of the bestselling book: Creative Trespassing (Random House, 2019) and co-creator of the #ItWasNeverADress campaign, will share stories from the frontlines of a limit-disruptor and teach you creative strategies for transforming your limitations into inspiration to fuel—rather than sap—your work.

Tuesday, June 18th at 8:00 am

Egyptian Archaeology and the Humble Potsherd

Leslie Anne Warden, Associate Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Roanoke College

The phrase “Egyptian archaeology” conjures up images of tombs, temples, and of course King Tut’s golden mask. Yet understanding how ancient Egypt’s society functioned and how ancient Egyptians lived requires that we turn to the less visually compelling (and far more numerous) aspects of the material record. Excavations at the Pyramid Age settlement site of Kom el-Hisn and the slightly later town of Elephantine Island provide us some perspectives on how this might be practiced , what we might learn and how Business Intelligence is helping us.

Tuesday, June 18th at 9:00 am

Future of Business Intelligence

Don Warden, Heather Sinkwitz, Paul Grill, TBD

As existing and new Business Intelligence solutions add Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more advanced Predictive Analytics are we seeing a significant shift in the BI applications that organizations are developing and using? At the same time, as more organizations look to move to the Cloud, are cloud based BI solutions replacing their on-premise counterparts and hybrid BI solutions really viable?
These will be some of the discussion points in what promises to be a lively and fascinating panel discussion with BI leaders from three major organizations. The panel will be adjudicated by InfoSol CEO, Paul Grill and you will have the opportunity to submit your questions before and during the discussion.

Wednesday, June 19th at 8:00 am

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