Limitless BI Track Sessions

ARI’s Vehicle Fleet Health Card Solution

ARI is the largest privately owned Vehicle Fleet Management company in the world with operations in North America and Europe. Managing over a million vehicles on behalf of their clients, they collect and analyze an enormous amount of data that can provide invaluable business intelligence to their clients.

The Fleet management VP was looking for a Fleet Health Card that could show key analytics in terms of vehicle spend, fuel habits, preventative maintenance and vehicle utilization that could provide new insights for their customers. Using SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius) on HANA, ARI delivered a solution that exceeded all expectations.

How Presbyterian Heathcare Service Accelerated Regession Testing when Migrating to BI 4.2 – Bruce Alexander

Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) recently migrated from BO XI 3.1 to BI 4.2 and needed to test around 2,000 Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports as part of the exercise. Not only was this a daunting task but the users at PHS had no bandwidth to participate in the regression or functional testing

Learn how PHS set up a process using the 360Bind tool to dramatically speed up the regression testing through electronic comparison of reports. Additionally, PHS was able to reuse the scripts created for 360Bind to help in performing Stress Testing of their new BI4 infrastructure and how the stress testing provided insight into system behavior and validated the system’s ability to support 1,300+ users.

Accelerating the regression testing at PHS played a critical role in significantly reducing the amount of human capital and time required to manage a complex migration while reducing business exposure to unexpected reporting results and installing confidence in the user community and the management team.

SRP’s Budget Makeover Story: Implementing an Updated Future Proof Solution – Wendy Krause

SRP’s initial SAP budget solution needed a makeover to meet 3 major challenges:

1. The business required process and cycle time improvements.

2. Reducing overall support effort.

3. An upgrade and HANA migration scheduled during the budget cycle.

Join the SRP team to learn about their budget makeover experience and outcomes. Components discussed include SAP BW, SAP IP, SAP BPC, & Business Objects Design Studio, Web Intelligence, and Analysis for Excel.

How Dana is Delivering Executive Dashboards using a Template Solution – Lori Wagner

From the CEO on down, the need for dashboards is being heard. Each area of the business wants to have its own look, feel, and flow but the delivery team needs to leverage reuse for supportability, speed of delivery, and consistent KPI’s.

Dana has addressed this need by developing a template solution with an extensible configuration based design along with the flexibility and power of Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, and InfoBurst together.

Starting from Zero: A BusinessObjects Implementation from POC to Production at Rosendin Electric – Shaun Boylan

In the construction world the saying goes measure twice, cut once. A saying that has proven to be learned through trial and error. Rosendin Electric wanted to discover an answer to similar business questions, like: When you cut once where does all the excess and remaining materials go?

This session will follow their journey to build and deploy a production-ready BI solution given a limited budget and only one full time Business Intelligence employee. Learn how they were able to utilize the power of a new Data Warehouse, Reporting in BusinessObjects, Dashboards for both mobile and desktop consumption, the distribution of BI content and more; all of which had originally stemmed from an introduction in the form of a simple Proof of Concept (POC) to develop a mobile dashboard.

Overcoming the fear of Legacy BusinessObjects Security – Rene Brito

BusinessObjects has been the main reporting platform for many companies around the world. Yet, security has been one of the topics that has presented challenges throughout. This session will present a business case study where a legacy security model was converted from a non-best-practices implementation to a role-based growth-proof one.

The presentation will include a real business case at Interval International from diagnostic to current state. Moreover, it will demonstrate how 360View and Business Objects CMC can streamline the process as well as best practices for implementing security. Items covered include BO CMC users, groups, custom access levels, content, and applications. 360View usage, security management, and audit.

USPI Self-service Enterprise BI Portal – David Behr

United Surgical Partners International (USPI) was looking to move away from a “Push” reporting model to building out a custom Enterprise Business Intelligence Portal where all end users can go to in order to see the reports and dashboards they need to make their necessary decisions and run their business. Utilizing Business Objects Launchpad was the “out of the box” solution, but would require each user to consume a BO License to access their reports and dashboards.

USPI decided to build an enterprise reporting portal that did not require every user to log into BusinessObjects, and use single sign on leveraging Active Directory. However, this portal needed to provide the capability of ad-hoc query building and applications that could write-back data to a database, Come find out how USPI made this vision a reality.

The Integration of Tableau into BusinessObjects Case Study – Allan Williams

Join us and Allan Williams as he presents a fascinating case study on the integration BusinessObjects customers are exploring with Tableau as their data visualization platform. This session will share how BusinessObjects customers can now leverage existing Universes and Reports into both Tableau Desktop and Tableau server while discovering the possibility of taking Web Intelligence report data and funneling it into Tableau Data Extracts (data source) and Tableau Workbooks (data visualization). This end to end toolset provides BusinessObjects users with both a reporting and data discovery processes that paves a new road ahead for Business Intelligence users.

Group Discussion on BI Trends & Pressures for 2018 – Ethan Durda

With so many technology and business trends weaving through the BI landscape it is difficult to understand what is going to “stick” and what will fade into the sunset. This session will be a moderated “wisdom of the crowd” discussion on these trends and flows. This will be a continuation of the discussion from last year’s IBIS and will focus on changes and observations from the past year.

Questions and topics will include:

  • What are the prospects for advanced analytics in various industries and subject areas and what is holding them back?
  • How do millennials and the next generation of information workers look at data and how can they be engaged?
  • To cloud or not to cloud…what are you doing?
  • What works for you with off-shore resources?

How WWF is using Dashboards to save the planet!- Ashley Brooks

Description coming soon!

ARI’s BusinessObjects Publishing Journey – Heather Rapetti

ARI, the world’s largest privately held fleet management company, faced multiple challenges to deliver BusinessObjects content to users worldwide. Their comprehensive BI Landscape, need to distribute reports from various versions of BusinessObjects and a variety of special use cases were all major considerations. This session will show how they successfully navigated these challenges to create a fully automated scheduling, bursting and publishing solution.

Optimizing the Management of BI4 and InfoBurst at Safeway/Albertsons – Evan Davies

Being able to have a consolidated view across the activity of your BI 4 and InfoBurst platforms can be challenging – however, having insight into both delivery platforms can provide major administration benefits. This session will discuss how Albertsons/Safeway took a business intelligence approach to create an effective management strategy based upon joining the data generated by the BI 4 and InfoBurst applications into single reporting and analysis platform. All aspects of the solution review from the analysis of audit data, universe design, business intelligence content etc. will be covered as well as a discussion on how this drives best practices for business intelligence platform management

BI team Building & Design – Ethan Durda

This session will focus on the architecture and design of BI teams and their members. Differences in personalities, competency, and career level significantly affect a teams performance beyond the expected task assignment challenges.

Key take-aways will include: identification of team member strengths and weaknesses, interviewing and key questions and answers to identify them in potential new members.

Using Excel as a Data Source in Web Intelligence at the City of Mesa – Jared Hansen

Description coming soon!

LUC, I am your father! – Samuel Polichouk

Somewhere in the galaxy … SAC (SAP Analytics for Cloud) is becoming the flagship for SAP Analytics. In the battle for becoming the most popular tool for Cloud Analytics, SAC requested the help of the WebI Jedi. In the first releases SAC was able to connect to some universes, but it was not enough… the WebI Jedi transformed LUC (Live Universe Connector) into a more powerful HAD (Hybrid Data Access). If you want to hear more about this battle and the features involved, do not miss this session.

Operational, Analytical, Integration – Tyler Kiotka

The torrent of marketing hype and jargon today can make it very tempting to forget fundamentals. The new tools are shiny and the vendor sounds like they have the answer to all our prayers. Yet often customers end up facing the same challenges that have always been there, even with the old software. Yes, software has evolved and data has grown but the how we apply methodology has not. This session aims to get back to the fundamentals when solving reporting requirements in the Business Intelligence world.

D.E.C.I.D.E. Design, Elegant, Comprehensive & Informative Dashboards Everytime – Noe Garcia

Creating a dashboard from scratch can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider: the data, the layout, the overall design, the delivery, and the audience. Many decisions must be made to come up with a successful dashboard solution. Lucky for you that this presentation will help you D.E.C.I.D.E on the right solution! In this session, you will learn about how to properly design a comprehensive dashboard in an elegant and informative way…every time!

Of course, having a set of powerful tools like Xcelsius (SAP BO Dashboards), Web Intelligence, and InfoBurst will help you make the dashboard that users will keep coming back for. So don’t miss out on this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to learn all of this and more. But don’t take it from me. You D.E.C.I.D.E!

High Value Opportunity Burst Brings Instant Gratification to Marketing Executives – Tyler Koitka

Tyler Koitka How a simple yet effective BI solution solved a C-suite level problem and won over its toughest critics. This burst solution used Salesforce and SAP data to increase visibility into large potential sales deals for senior management, increasing the chance to close the deal. This presentation will take a detailed look at the business problem and the technical solution, showcasing the true potential of SAP Business Objects and InfoBurst. This presentation will hopefully inspire the audience members to push for more from their current BI investments.