Unsure Which Dashboarding Tool to Use?

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Wednesday, June 19th 4:45pm – 5:45pm

HTML5, PowerBI, Tableau, Web Intelligence…. What is happening with Adobe and Flash? What about Java? What are my alternatives? In this topic, we will take a look at all of the above. Frankly and sincerely, there has never been a better time for InfoBurst for Dashboards than now. Clients using InfoBurst are in THE BEST position to transition to practically any dashboarding front end display tool without needing to modify the data source.

Are you using QAAWS (Query as a Web Service) to power SAP Dashboards to flash or HTML5? Move to InfoBurst to offload the sessions and load. Are you wanting to transition to Tableau or Power BI? Go ahead – your XDCs can work there! Want to use SQL directly as a data source for some dashboards? Sure! Need to improve performance with cache queries instead of huge upfront queries? InfoBurst is the expert! Need to expose some data externally but not link directly to an internal data source? You guessed it – CAN do! And so much more. If you aren’t sure what dashboard front end you will be using over the next few years and/or if you want to give your users the option to use various front ends, then now is the absolute BEST time for InfoBurst for Dashboards.


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