Managing Resource-Constricted Software Updates

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Tuesday, June 18th 10:00am – 11:00am

When its Web Intelligence upgrade time, software analysts are often thrust into the role of project manager, responsible for corralling technical staff and managing customer expectations. To pair with the unexpected role, adding budget constraints and upgrading wind up becoming a thankless job that can result in failure rather than success.

This session will demonstrate how simple spreadsheets and documents can be leveraged in order to keep upgrades on time and remain within the planned budget. This session will also focus on tools that were considered essential for a successful upgrade, including: (1) “Key Links” table of contents, (2) project plan with resource estimates, (3) customer communication document, (4) test plan templates, and (5) issues and new features logs.

Participants will see how these tools furthered team communication and resulted in multiple, successful and completed upgrade projects. While Microsoft tools are the focus of this session, the concepts, however, behind the tools can be ported to other software products.


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