Using Business Intelligence to Better Understand Ancient Egypt

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Tuesday, June 18th 11:00am – 12:00pm

Ancient Egyptian civilization spanned over three millennia and started almost 5,000 years ago. While objects like the gold mask of Tutankhamen and the bust of Nefertiti dominate the imagination, modern excavations aim to collect information about ancient Egyptian civilization rather than simply find beautiful objects. In particular, new excavations at settlement sites allow for reconstruction of daily life and social structure by paying attention to potsherds, mudbrick walls, animal bones, and stones. Using many new technologies, excavation methods and material analyses can be more precise and accessible. However, so much of the work remains manual, time consuming, and difficult. But careful data collection and analysis are key for understanding Egyptian culture.

This fascinating session, led by renowned Egyptologist and ceramicist, Dr. Leslie Anne Warden, will discuss the challenges archaeologists face today in looking for the information and trying to piece the past together from pottery sherds and other fragments found during excavations. She will also tell the story of how she teamed up with BI specialists from InfoSol to use a BI dashboard to help in both the collection and analysis.

Leslie Anne Warden – Roanoke College

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