Dr. Ashley Brooks

WWF Tigers Alive Initiative

    Ashley holds a PhD in Conservation, Planning and Environmental Management from the University of Queensland, Australia.
    Ashley currently works with the WWF Tigers Alive Initiative where he leads on all aspects of building the foundation for a future where tigers and people coexist across the 13 tiger range countries. This entails working with tiger range countries: to develop strategies to protect the unprotected tigers and their habitats; managing and minimizing human tiger conflict; securing tiger corridors and spatial planning; and supporting economic tools that reduce human pressure on tiger habitats.
    Previous to working with tigers, Ashley managed a landscape tree kangaroo conservation program and an NGO in Papua New Guinea. The landscape tree kangaroo program was awarded the Equator Prize in 2014 and is considered the shining light for conservation across the Pacific. Similar with the tiger being the flagship for conservation and economic benefit for people, the protection of the tree kangaroo and its habitat had multiple benefits to 12 additional endangered species, as well as facilitated direct livelihoods support to 12,000 villages living across the landscape through export and direct sale of high quality coffee and cocoa.
    Prior to working with tree kangaroos, Ashley worked with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) where he developed an ecoregional conservation program across Ha Long Bay Vietnam that would lead to reduced pressure on the habitat of the critically endangered primate – the Cat Ba langur, as well as elevate law enforcement by rangers to prevent poaching.
    Additionally, Ashley has variously worked as a technical adviser to the Asian Development Bank, the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism, the University of Queensland, Conservation International, and the Australian Foundation for the People of the Asia Pacific.