Tony Candeloro

Senior Vice President, Holman Strategic Ventures

    Tony has dedicated 29 years of service to the development, sustainment and advancement of Holman’s Information Technology strategy, turning big picture ideas into customized solutions. Tony joined ARI in 1990 and held a number of leadership positions in our application development and systems department. In 2012, he was promoted to vice-president of product development in charge of creating innovative solutions for Holman’s internal and external customers. In his current role since 2017, Tony is overseeing technology initiatives that will prepare the Holman businesses with innovative products and services positioned to take advantage of the automotive industry disruptions. Tony studied computer science at Delaware Technical Community College. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Widener University and a master’s degree in business intelligence from Saint Joseph’s University.

    Tony will be presenting the following:

    Next Generation of Data Visualization to Improve Vehicle Dealership Business at Holman Enterprises