Tableau with BusinessObjects Training & Expert Sessions

IBIS 2019 Pre-Conference Training

IBIS Pre-Conference offers dedicated, hand’s on training of your selection that is inclusive of one night resort accommodations, breakfast and lunch as well as an evening networking event. The IBIS Pre-Conference Training begins Sunday, June 16th 9:00am-5:00pm.

BusinessObjects & Tableau Co-Existence

Instructor: Allan Williams, InfoSol Inc.

Course Description: This one-day pre-conference seminar will focus on the Tableau functionality InfoBurst (referred to as IBTab) offers. InfoBurst has always had integration features for SAP BusinessObjects that extended the core BOBJ functionality with respect to Bursting, Distribution and Scheduling. Now, that same functionality is available for Tableau!

Intended Audience: Those wishing to gain a working knowledge of IBTab. This pre-conference seminar will be of interest to: Companies using both BOBJ and Tableau to meet their reporting/data visualization needs. Companies using Tableau with a requirement to automatically burst and distribute Tableau workbooks in several formats.

Major Topics Include:

  • Connecting BusinessObjects Universes from Tableau Desktop
  • Designing Tableau Dashboards with Web Intelligence Data
  • Scheduling & Refreshing WebI data for Tableau dashboards
  • Bursting Tableau workbooks
  • Scheduling Tableau extracts based in events

Main Conference Hand’s on Training

The IBIS Main Conference Hand’s on Training begins Monday June 17th at 10:00am and concludes Wednesday June 19th at 5:45pm. Broken out into 2 hour modularized topics, the IBIS Main Conference Hand’s On Training is unique because it allows attendees to freely float between 2 hour modules and the IBIS Seminar Tracks. Main Conference includes three nights of resort accommodations, meals, evening networking events, and full access to any of the on-going Seminar Tracks and Hand’s on Training Courses.

Tableau from A-Z Boot Camp

Instructor: Allan Williams, InfoSol

Monday June 17 2019 | Day 1

Module 1 | 10:00am-12:00pm – Tableau from A-Z: Introduction and connecting to data

Module 2 | 1:15pm – 3:15pm – Tableau from A-Z: Calculations

Module 3 | 3:45pm – 5:45pm – Tableau from A-Z: Parameters

Tuesday June 18 2019 | Day 2

Module 4 | 10:00am-12:00pm – Tableau from A-Z: Level of Detail Expressions

Module 5 | 1:15pm – 3:15pm – Tableau from A-Z: Mapping

Module 6 | 3:45pm – 5:45pm – Tableau from A-Z: Dashboard Actions and Formatting

Wednesday June 19 2019 | Day 3

Module 7 | 10:00am-12:00pm – Tableau from A-Z: Understanding how Tableau Server works

Module 8 | 1:15pm – 3:15pm – Tableau from A-Z: Integrating Tableau with BusinessObjects

Module 9 | 3:45pm – 5:45pm – Tableau from A-Z: Tableau for BO Users – A Case Study based Hands-On session

Main Conference Sessions

The IBIS Main Conference Session Tracks offer both expert sessions and customer case studies through one hour presentations. The following are sessions on using both Tableau and BusinessObjects.

Monday, June 17

Using Tableau with Webi at University System of New Hampshire: From Novice to Knowledge

As report designers, we need to use the best tool for each job. With more than a thousand hands-on consumers of 32,000+ reports, Web Intelligence is our go-to reporting solution at the University System of New Hampshire. Then came Tableau with its bubble charts and heat maps and dashboards and data stories. Not to worry! Tableau experts were hired so that we, Webi developers, could stay happily ensconced in our reporting world. That is until this year when our supervisor tasked each Webi developer with creating a Tableau solution using Webi data. This case study will walk through our learning process, some pitfalls as well as best practices that we learned, and ultimately demonstrate the creation of a call center dashboard using Webi data and Tableau visualizations.

Tableau with BusinessObjects: Bring out the Best of Both Worlds

Learn why and how Tableau with Business Objects is the best combination for enterprise BI. The use cases for Tableau dashboards with BO content and tips and tricks designing BO content for Tableau will be discussed. Deployment and scheduling of BO content to Tableau desktop and Tableau server will be demonstrated and if we have time we may look at bursting out Tableau workbooks as well.

Wednesday, June 19th

Unsure Which Dashboarding Tool to Use?

HTML5, PowerBI, Tableau, Web Intelligence…. What is happening with Adobe and Flash? What about Java? What are my alternatives? In this topic, we will take a look at all of the above. Frankly and sincerely, there has never been a better time for InfoBurst for Dashboards than now. Clients using InfoBurst are in THE BEST position to transition to practically any dashboarding front end display tool without needing to modify the data source. Are you using QAAWS (Query as a Web Service) to power SAP Dashboards to flash or HTML5? Move to InfoBurst to offload the sessions and load. Are you wanting to transition to Tableau or Power BI? Go ahead – your XDCs can work there! Want to use SQL directly as a data source for some dashboards? Sure! Need to improve performance with cache queries instead of huge upfront queries? InfoBurst is the expert! Need to expose some data externally but not link directly to an internal data source? You guessed it – CAN do! And so much more. If you aren’t sure what dashboard front end you will be using over the next few years and/or if you want to give your users the option to use various front ends, then now is the absolute BEST time for InfoBurst for Dashboards.

IBIS offers over 200 sessions!

Four module, hands-on training offerings and five seminar tracks will cover everything BusinessObjects! You get to choose which sessions/tracks you would like to attend and can bounce around between hands-on training and seminar sessions.

  • One full day attendance to hands-on training workshop
  • Five workshop options
  • One night luxury accommodations
  • Top-notch breakfast and lunch
  • Training materials and hand-outs
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