The InfoBurst Experience Track Sessions

One-stop Shopping Using the New InfoBurst Portal – Bryan Baca

The new InfoBurst Portal gives InfoBurst users a brand new destination to host, share, and distribute Business Intelligent report content. This session will introduce this new feature for InfoBurst users and discuss topics like: The first time portal setup, configuring a portal delivery, tips and tricks in using the InfoBurst Portal, portal delivery scenarios and examples, as well as the upcoming InfoBurst Portal features that you can look forward to.

ARI’s BusinessObjects Publishing Journey – Heather Rapetti

ARI, the world’s largest privately held fleet management company, faced multiple challenges to deliver BusinessObjects content to users worldwide. Their comprehensive BI Landscape, need to distribute reports from various versions of BusinessObjects and a variety of special use cases were all major considerations. This session will show how they successfully navigated these challenges to create a fully automated scheduling, bursting and publishing solution.

Optimizing the Management of BI4 & InfoBurst at Safeway/Albertsons – Evan Davies

Being able to have a consolidated view across the activity of your BI 4 and InfoBurst platforms can be challenging – however, having insight into both delivery platforms can provide major administration benefits. This session will discuss how Albertsons/Safeway took a business intelligence approach to create an effective management strategy based upon joining the data generated by the BI 4 and InfoBurst applications into single reporting and analysis platform. All aspects of the solution review from the analysis of audit data, universe design, business intelligence content etc. will be covered as well as a discussion on how this drives best practices for business intelligence platform management

The New InfoBurst HTML5 UI – Chris Martin

This exciting session will cover the latest and greatest in InfoBurst focusing on the genealogy of the HTML5 User Interface (UI). In this session Chris Martin will share the “why’s” behind starting the project, the road to get there, new workflows that were thought out in the planning in order to make it easier to use of InfoBurst Platform, along with a demonstration of the new InfoBurst User Interface. And to conclude this presentation, InfoBurst users will get to listen in, first-hand, on the plans for the future interface of InfoBurst. Join this “new look” and “sneak peek” presentation dedicated to our InfoBurst community.

Pushing BI Reporting Content with Scheduling & Events – Jeremy Champe

InfoBurst offers a robust scheduler for scheduling BI report content delivery and dashboard data cache refreshes.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Time-based scheduling options
  • Event-driven scheduling
  • Scheduling using InfoBurst date macros
  • Event configuration and management

Ask the Experts – Open Roundtable Discussion – The InfoBurst Team

Join the InfoBurst Team as they host an open format discussion between InfoBurst users and the InfoBurst development and support team. Present your InfoBurst questions and challenges directly to the team. This one-hour session is dedicated to your use cases and requirements with InfoBurst. This session is also designed to allow users within the community to listen in on other case studies and challenges within the InfoBurst community.

High Value Opportunity Burst Brings Instant Gratification to Marketing Executives – Tyler

How a simple yet effective BI solution solved a C-suite level problem and won over its toughest critics. This burst solution used Salesforce and SAP data to increase visibility into large potential sales deals for senior management, increasing the chance to close the deal. This presentation will take a detailed look at the business problem and the technical solution, showcasing the true potential of SAP Business Objects and InfoBurst. This presentation will hopefully inspire the audience members to push for more from their current BI investments.

InfoBurst Insights: Understanding IB Logging & OData – Bryan Baca

Gain maximum insight into your InfoBurst environment by understanding the various logging and reporting tools InfoBurst provides. This presentation will discuss ways to read and understand both server and activity logs, receiving system alerts, and InfoBurst reporting with OData.

Enhance Bursts & Schedules with Actions – Jeremy Champe

Report scheduling and delivery often involves more than just bursting BI report. Actions provide the InfoBurst user flexibility to execute various tasks based on the status of a job. Actions can include running database queries, executing external applications or sending email alert. Employ actions to extend the reach of your BI reporting bursting solution.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Action types
  • How to use Actions in bursts and schedules
  • Cascading burst or schedule execution using Actions

Simple Self-service Query & Analysis for the Masses with dScover v2 – Rich Harvey

Self-service Business Intelligence has been an enigma. BI tools are either designed for power users or BI developers and the masses have been simply the recipients of their outputs who never seem to get exactly want they want. Meanwhile many BI departments have become report factories trying to keep up with the increasing demands of a growing BI audience.

BI dashboard applications with guided analysis have helped but they also need to included intuitive and interactive drag and drop data analysis capabilities as well. dScover v1 was an Xcelsius dashboard component which delivered a combination of self-service reporting and data discovery directly within a dashboard. This interactive drag and drop tool takes InfoBurst XDC to a whole new level. dScover v2 is a re-imaging of this capability as an add-on to InfoBurst. This session will introduce you to dScover v2 and give you the opportunity to view the roadmap and influence how the product evolves.

BusinessObjects SDK That makes InfoBurst Possible – Bryan Baca

The breadth of functionality offered by InfoBurst is possible due to its use of the various SDKs offered by BusinessObjects. This presentation will share the BusinessObjects SDK’s used by InfoBurst, how and why each SDK is used, and InfoBurst configuration for various BusinessObjects architectures.

Make your Mark: User Influence & Future Roadmap of InfoBurst – Rajesh Ponnurangam & IB Team

Join the InfoBurst Team for an interactive and informative session on the future of InfoBurst. This session will be hosted by the InfoBurst Product Manager and Lead Developers as they discuss the development roadmap for planned new features and invite feedback and ideas from current InfoBurst users to help shape the future of this widely used platform.

Become an IB Rockstar: InfoBurst Administration Best Practices – Bryan Baca

InfoBurst is a mission-critical application in many organizations. Its robust features make it an integral component of many enterprise BI solutions. InfoBurst administrators must be prepared to optimize the InfoBurst system while responding quickly to user requests and environmental challenges. In this session you will learn about deploying an InfoBurst server, backup and recovery techniques, OData Reporting, Platform and database migrations as well as tips on Disaster Recovery.

Tips and Tricks on Getting the Most Out of the InfoBurst Interface – Chris Martin

Come see the “unsung hero features and workflows” in InfoBurst. In this presentation we will go over some features and functionality within InfoBurst that you may not know. Things like building lists and multi column lists quickly and easily by just using hey presses. Email customizations like you never knew you could do. And building bursts quickly using the workspace.