InfoSol 2021 BI Dashboard Awards

Now Open for Submissions!

Dashboards continue to be the primary interface of most business intelligence solutions and the creativity and ingenuity just keeps getting better.

The annual InfoSol Dashboard Awards is your chance to show your best BI dashboard solution and win one of the prestigious Best Dashboard Pyramid accolades. The Awards are open to any organization that has developed a really interesting, cool, compelling or effective Business Intelligence dashboard application or solution that is being used for business benefit today.

You are not limited by which tool you use and the BI dashboard can be PC based, mobile or both.  What we are most interested in is the business issue that was addressed, the creativity employed and the benefits that it delivered to the organization.  Learn more about the 2020 winners here.

There are three categories for the 2021 BI Dashboard Awards:

• Best Business Dashboard

• Most Valuable Dashboard

• Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard

You can also check out some highlights from the 2019 awards here: