The Squirrel365 Experience

Join us at the Annual Event for Everything Squirrel365

Running Virtually via Zoom on Thursday, July 14th from 10:00am PT to 1:30pm PT

The Squirrel365 Experience is the gathering place for Squirrel365 users. It will be a one day event full of Squirrel365 specific sessions delivered virtually via Zoom. There will be a Live Q&A Panel with the Squirrel365 development team where you can interact directly with the developers on any questions or suggestions you have.

The Squirrel365 Experience is FREE to attend if you add it to your cart while purchasing a Silver, Gold, or Platinum registration.

View the Full Agenda for the Squirrel365 Experience:

10:00am - 10:05am Welcome to the Squirrel365 Experience

Intro to the Squirrel365 Experience!

10:05am - 10:35am A Squirrel Project Makeover

Making your project look as good as it can is a key element in its success, but where should you begin?

This session looks at a real world example of how one of our team took a relatively boring, vanilla-looking project and brought it to life.

Get inside the mind of an expert Squirrel designer and find out what they think about when it comes to making a user interface really sing, including the Squirrel techniques they use to bring it to life.

10:40am - 11:10am Building an app on a database with Squirrel365

Squirrel is not just about visualizing spreadsheet models, it is also widely used as a no-code app building tool.

This session breaks a part an example of a database front end app to investigate the Squirrel techniques involved.

Even if you don’t plan to connect Squirrel to a database much of what we will cover will help you improve your Squirrel skills.

11:15am - 11:45am Creating a TCO calculator with added Zapier / PDF integration in Squirrel

Evaluator Group is an IT analyst firm dedicated to providing independent expertise on Data and Information Management, helping their clients make the optimal decisions about their data center infrastructure.

As part of their advice process, Evaluator Group uses Squirrel models to allow their clients to more deeply understand their options. In this session Mitch will walk through one such model which not only provides a typically interactive interface to the model but also uses Zapier integration to send custom PDF reports by email and capture user information in Hubspot.

11:45am - 12:00pm BREAK

15 minute break between sessions.

12:00pm - 12:30pm How a Homeowner Association Management business transformed from paper to Excel to Squirrel365

While the Business Intelligence ecosystem swirls and bubbles like a giant cauldron of boiling innovation, too often the data being analyzed and visualized with the latest BI tool ends up back in Excel.Why? Excel is accessible to the masses. Data is ‘visual’ in rows and columns; the math is not that challenging – though it can be very sophisticated if required. The challenges around Excel are many and well known; many versions of “the truth”, easily misinterpreted, lots of manual cut and paste (think budget time), Excel Hell, and much more. Even if these problems were corrected, simply staring at a spreadsheet for too long leads to a loss of focus on what is truly impactful to the organization or business. Agreed?

Let’s walk through a case study together and learn how one business, a successful and growing Homeowner Association Management business transformed from paper to Excel to Squirrel. Why? the value drivers include “time to decision”, all information in one place to support complex decisions, competitive advantage through superior client service and professional development.

We’ll address reducing the data firehouse to a stream, selecting (and creating) relevant metrics, building data apps from Squirrel, user identity and access to personalized information, a myriad of data challenges, and the measurable results of development and implementation. We’ll peek into the future to see where we are planning to go from here.

I’m more than pleased to tell my clients and friends that “We’re going to make a lot of money with this!” because I’m talking about their businesses AND mine.

12:35pm - 1:05pm Top 10 Squirrel Tips

Think you know Squirrel, think again.

Dig into the world of lesser known Squirrel features.

From lesser-known keystroke shortcuts through managing colours in the spreadsheet to improving the performance of your project. We can (almost) guarantee you will find out something you never knew about Squirrel.

1:10pm - 1:30pm LIVE PANEL Q&A for the Squirrel365 Experience Day

Your chance to ask questions directly to the Squirrel365 team!

The Squirrel365 Experience
  • One full day of Squirrel365 specific sessions via Zoom
  • Live Q&A Panel with Squirrel365 development team
  • The Gathering Place for Squirrel365 Enthusiasts
  • FREE to attend if you add it to your cart while purchasing a Silver/Gold/Platinum registration
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